3D printing of production parts becomes increasingly important for companies needing on-demand components

Why 3D-printing for production parts?

Thanks to 3D printing, complex parts can be made faster and cheaper with traditional tools and molds.


Using advanced materials to meet every need, Stratasys devices allow for the most durable, stable and reproducible models to be made.


  • Direct digital manufacturing means that engineers are free to create parts with organic and complex shapes


  • In-house, fast, on-demand manufacturing leads to less time-consuming and better inventory


  • Use of exceptional FST-classified materials such as Nylon 12 and ULTEM 9085 resin to ensure superior strength, durability and heat-resistant parts - perfect for ECS ducts, for example


  • Wide variety of materials to produce custom enclosures that ensures individual specifications such as consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive parts, sports equipment, aerospace components, MRI and CT scan machines, heavy construction machinery,....

Quality & confidentiality

All parts are produced in-house on high-quality production equipment!


Efficient workflow ensures short delivery times.

Large production capacity is available.

Personal contact & Advice

We are happy to help you choose the technology and material that is best suited for your application.